B2G’s Experience & Contacts are Invaluable

B2G Experience

Extensive International Investigations Experience

Since its formation in 2013, B2G has led scores of investigations in 26 countries, and on six of the seven continents. Coupled with our extensive prior law enforcement service, this experience has given us ready access to investigative resources worldwide. We can assemble sophisticated, highly-skilled, carefully curated teams with a broad capability to lead investigations across a wide range of issues.

Our Directors and Officers Have Over 200 Years of Collective Experience

Our leadership and personnel are top flight. In many cases, they have chosen to work for B2G as a second career, having already worked for reputable public agencies or private firms. Rest assured: you are getting the very best talent in the field.

Wide-Ranging Experience in Federal Law Enforcement, Regulatory Compliance, and Corporate Security

Our leadership and personnel, including our investigators, have worked for a variety of public agencies and in private sector settings, including:

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
  • Legal and accounting firms, specializing in areas such as forensics, accounting, legal analysis, regulatory compliance, and gaming

B2G Agility

Customized Services vs. Boilerplate Solutions

We treat our clients as individuals. We appreciate that you have a unique story and a particular set of concerns, which pose case-specific challenges. We curate our teams and tailor our investigative strategies accordingly.

More Responsive than Big Four and Mid-Tier Firms

Our business model enables us to respond to your needs in a timely fashion. B2G’s work atmosphere is one of efficiency, direct access, and an investigative strategy streamlined to suit your needs as promptly as possible. Our clients receive frequent, direct, customized communications, and we are available to them 24/7. Our extensive experience handling organized crime and terrorism cases has instilled in us an ethic of approaching every investigation with an appropriate sense of urgency.

Our Vast Network and Flat Management Structure Result in Rapid Deployment of Resources

Regardless of the breadth of your problem or its geographic reach, we can assist you. We have specialists in all corners of the globe, with industry-specific expertise and native-level cultural competence. Our personnel, similarly, possess rich talents and dedication to the trade, such that we are able to find answers to your questions on short timeframes and deadlines.

Global Reach

Our Contacts are Familiar with Local Customs, Laws, and Regulations

Our contacts around the world will assist you in formulating culturally-specific solutions to your problems. At B2G, we know that approaching an issue in Los Angeles is very different than approaching it in Kuala Lumpur or Cairo. We also know that possessing “inside” knowledge, or intelligence, around a particular issue is critical to investigative success.

Our Investigators Include Former Law Enforcement, Military, Government Officials and Academics

Our investigators’ skillsets and pedigrees are second to none. Among other talents, our personnel possess highly specialized analytic abilities, forensic accounting methods, and verbal and written communication skills. Their prior experience crosses nearly every level of law enforcement, military, and government that you might seek. They have knowledge of oversight, executive functions, and investigative techniques, to name a few areas of expertise. We also work with high-level scholars who perform sophisticated research and analysis on a wide range of applicable policy topics.

We Have Access to Key Local Resources through our Far-Reaching International Connections

We cast a wide geographic net and leverage our contacts worldwide to help us get the job done, no matter what that engagement entails or where it takes us. Local resources are always available to us, and their on-the-ground insights and information-gathering capabilities enable us to provide a clear picture of any situation.

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